Top 5 Canadian Marijuana Stocks for Smart Investors in 2019

Posted on 2019-03-19 at 04:42 PM


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Experts expect the medical marijuana industry to register explosive growth by 2025 with estimated revenues over $55 billion. In less than two years, the industry is expected to create 350,000 jobs, says Penny Stocks. Smart investors are focused on staying ahead of the game with an eye out for the top investors. Here are the 2019 marijuana alerts for top Canadian Marijuana Stocks. But first, the question is, should you invest in hemp stocks or cannabis?

Hemp or Cannabis?

Savvy investors say that hemp stocks are as valuable as cannabis at this point. With a ton of uses, investors are looking to tap into the vast potential of industrial hemp. Money is being poured into both the plants’ products to grow both the markets.

Canadian Stocks

Canada legalized medical marijuana nationwide back in 2001, allowing the industry to grow and evolve uniformly unlike the US where different states have different rules and restrictions. Canadian marijuana stocks are gaining big. Collaborations with American companies are giving them more weight in the global market. Some of the biggest Canadian marijuana trading platforms are:

  • Etrade

  • Scottrade

  • TD Ameritrade

According to Small Cap Power, Stocks that have seen consistent growth, the strongest price charts and highest returns on investments are the following:

1. Cronos Group Inc.

Canada-based Cronos Group has a rapidly diversifying global presence as it invests in licensed establishments to manufacture and sell marijuana on an international level. The company’s portfolio of licensed cultivators and distributors of medical marijuana or cannabis oil include Peace Naturals, Original BC, and Whistler Medical Marijuana Company. The company currently has an estimated production capacity of 40,150 kg, operating out of an existing capacity of 355,500 sq.ft. with plans to produce 77,000 kg annually. The Altria Group agreed to invest C$2.4 billion into the Cronos Group on Dec 7, 2018.

2. Canopy Growth Corp.

Canopy Growth Corp. continues to make large strides through their multi-brand cannabis and hemp products in dried, oil and soft-gel capsules. It has invested in a $5 billion deal with Constellation Brands who lead the beverage industry, to develop cannabis infused beverages. The company has the largest licensed production facility in the country, operating out of 600,000 sq.ft area, producing over 67,500 kg of product annually. Expansion plans over the next 12 months include an additional 5,000,000 sq.ft. It has reported $23.3 million in revenue with an average selling price of $9.87 gram. In January 2019, the company was licensed by New York State to produce hemp. Investment plans in its New York operations are estimated to hover between US$100m to US$150m.

3. FSD Pharma

The licensed cannabis company operating out of Cobourg, Ontario is known to cultivate and process cannabis using hydroponic techniques. It has the potential to grown into the largest production facility once completed. FSD Pharma strategic partnerships and investments include a variety of companies from pharmaceuticals, topicals and beverages to medical cannabis products.

4. Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis products, Aurora Cannabis is substantially expanding its production capacity to produce an estimated 270,000 kgs of cannabis annually to cater to both the medical and recreational markets. Its aggressive expansion plans include local stronghold across 12 provinces and territories in Canada as well as international operations in Europe and Australia. Reportedly, the company is under discussion with Coca Cola to partner for developing cannabis beverages.

5. Supreme Cannabis Company Inc.

Licensed producers of premium organically grown cannabis flowers for commercial purposes, Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. operates cultivates cannabis through its subsidiary 7ACRES out of an operational space of 40,000 sq.ft. It plans to produce over 50,000 kg of premium dried cannabis annually once completed. Late last year, Supreme Cannabis entered a partnership with Tilray with an investment of over $2 million, and with MediPharm Labs to launch a line of cannabis brands.

Other Canadian companies that rate high on the stock exchange are:

  • Cannex Group Holdings Inc

  • Liberty Health Sciences

  • Aphria

  • Nanosphere Health Sciences

  • Sunniva

(Source: SmallCap Power)

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