Why Do You Need a Cannabis Grinder?

Posted on 2019-05-10 at 12:03 PM


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Rolling a joint the right way helps it to burn evenly so that the effects can be savoured fully. When you’ve spent money on a prime bud, you wouldn’t want it to burn unevenly and go up in smoke in no time. This is why you need a cannabis grinder. A grinder helps you shred and break down the flower buds into tiny fragments so all the particles burn and release their flavour the cannabinoids and terpenes in them uniformly. What helps is having a good grinder that holds the marijuana together to be crushed evenly.

Which Grinder is Best

A high-quality metal grinder works best. These have stacks of chambers with rows of sharp edges and a series of holes between them at the base that catch the bits of ground marijuana preventing them from being ground too finely. Just scoop up the ground pot from the second chamber for use.

Cool Grinding Hacks

Cannabis Grinder: Avoid grinding all the marijuana at once. Mix some of the shredded weed on top with the finer bits while rolling the joint. This way, the grip of the pot inside the roll is better.

  • Break-up the buds and place them between the teeth of the grinder after you’ve taken off the lid.

  • Avoid placing the cannabis directly on the centre where the magnet is located.

  • Replace the cap and rotate about 10 times until most of the bud has fallen through the holes.

  • The cannabinoid-rich trichomes collect at the base of the second chamber.

  • Load up this unprocessed, unpressed, fine brown or pale green powder “kief” from the bottom chamber in your pipe, blunts, vapourizer, bowls or bongs for a potent experience.

Coffee Grinder: If you don’t have a grinder or can’t find the perfect one, try using a coffee grinder until you get your hands on the real thing. Just make sure it is well cleaned. Don’t be surprised to get an extra kick out of your coffee or feel a bit high when you use the grinder next time. If there are bits of marijuana left in them, your morning cup of coffee itself will give you a high. How fun is that?

Pestle and Mortar: Tradition never goes out of fashion. Try using a pestle and mortar to grind your marijuana buds. Make sure the buds are dry first. Moist buds are harder to disintegrate and grind finely.

Knife and Chopping Board: The good old knife and chopping board always works. Avoid a serrated blade. The tiny, delicate buds may escape through the gaps and not give you the desired result. Go easy on the speed and observe caution. Try crushing the longer strands with your fingers holding your palm flat, facing up and using the fingers of the other to break the weed apart like many do with hand rolled tobacco cigarettes.

How to Clean the Grinder

  • After a few uses, your grinder may turn sticky with resin from the kief making it harder to twist open the grinder cap.

  • Clean off the sticky mess by applying salt and isopropyl alcohol.

  • Use a paintbrush or toothbrush to clean off the kief between the blades.

  • Freeze your grinder before cleaning to get rid of stubborn, sticky off the kief.

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