10 Cannabis Strains that Top the CBD Charts

Posted on 2019-02-01 at 12:28 PM


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Non-psychotic CBD strains and products are becoming increasingly popular as health aiding products. Scientific studies are throwing light on their astonishing benefits on mental and physical ailments, without creating mind-altering or hallucinogenic states of mind, unlike THC.

CBD is known to relax, de-stress, reduce inflammation, pain, nausea and destroy bacteria. The synergy of hybrid strains that combine both CBD and THC add more power to the compounds, making them twice as effective than working independently. It’s all in the ratio! Single doses of a cannabinoid has one effect but combined doses have quite another. THC for instance can instil paranoia when consumed in larger quantities.

Low THC and high CBD strains are known to work magic together, creating multiple health-benefits. However, the high prices of CBD products can leave you looking the other way. Below, we make it easier for you to identify the ones you should be looking for.


ACDC rocks and rolls just like its name. With a CBD - THC ratio of about 20:1, and staggering 19% CBD levels, this strain is a wonder product. An earthy flavour with a hint of sweetness makes it as pleasant in taste as it is for your body.

CBD Critical Cure

With a CBD-THC ratio of 2:1, this Indica dominant hybrid of Critical Kush and Critical Cure is powered with 11% CBD and 5% THC. End the day with a calm, de-stressed mind and a gentle high with Critical Cure.


One of the more popular CBD strains, Harlequin has a 5:2 CBD-THC ratio with sativa-dominant uplifting effectives without feeling “stoned”. It is perfect for euphoric daytime activities

Ringo’s Gift

Named after the legendary cannabis advocate and Beetles celeb Lawrence Ringo, the strain is a crossbreed between ACDC and Harle-Tsu. This CBD heavy strain comes in variations ranging from 1:1  to a mind-boggling CBD to THC ratio 24:1.

Sour Tsunami

Beat stress, depression, anxiety, pain and inflammation with this strain that contains about 10-11% CBD, and 6-10% THC content. It is one of the first strains that was bred specifically for its high CBD levels and has a musky, slightly sugary flavour to compliment it.

Sweet & Sour Widow

Well balanced CBD-THC ratio of 1:1, this 70% indica 30% sativa hybrid comes with great medicinal benefits. It’s a great strain to start with.

Charlotte’s Web

With a negligible percentage of THC (just 0.3%), and CBD levels at 17%, Charlotte’s Web is great for pediatric use. The strain was made famous in 2013 when it helped a little girl named Charlotte from Dravet Syndrome, a severe type of epilepsy that can lead to numerous seizures a day.


The CBD level ranges from 6 to 17 percent,while THC levels hover below 6%, attributing the hybrid strain with many medical benefits such as reducing anxiety, pain, spasms and quick relief from headaches, without leading to the high that comes with THC. It is safe for daily consumption, refreshing with slightly tangy citrus flavour and earthy fragrance.


An Indica cross from Harlequin and Jack the Ripper, with levels of both cannabinoids ranging from 12% to 15%, Pennywise provides amazing health benefits to battle a number of health issues from arthritis, epilepsy and cancer manifestations.


A new strain introduced from Oregon, Corazon is an ACDC and Charlotte’s Web cross, that has a tested level of an incredibly high 22,5% CBD and a miniscule level of 2.70% THC, which makes the scarcely available strain the highest scoring CBD strain in the world as of now.

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