Water-Soluble Cannabis Technology May Provide Healthy Alternative to Smoking

Posted on 2019-03-06 at 11:02 AM


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One of the best things about cannabis legalization is the opportunity to pour more funds into cannabis research. The findings that scientists are coming up with every day are astonishing the world. Of late, alternatives to smoking marijuana and sugary edibles are being developed to benefit recreational and medical users in a healthier way.

Now Sproutly, a company that produces cannabis products, has made a deal for a breakthrough patent-pending discovery where the cannabis compounds - THC and CBD - are recovered in water. This allows the production of a range of products in the food and beverage industry that require the cannabinoids to dissolve properly.

Dr. Arup Sen, the scientist behind the discovery, is set to become the Chief Science Officer (CSO) and director of Sproutly Inc., reports Micro Small Cap, a portal on Financial News and Stock Research.

Cannabis Beverages - Odourless, Flavourless Alternative

Cannabis infused beverages are set to enter the market soon along with edibles and concentrates, giving non-smokers an opportunity to consume cannabis in safer ways. Experts predict this could expand into a $600 million industry annually in the U.S.A. alone, by the year 2022.

Cannabis-based beverages are expected to constitute about 20% of the edibles market over the next few years. If Sproutly’s new technology is sanctioned, Micro Small Cap says that the numbers could be a drop in the bucket. The returns could be far higher.

Cannabis is said to have many health benefits. But smoking weed is not the preferred choice for many. Pre-filled vape pen cards, concentrates and edibles deliver the same effects without affecting the lungs or disturbing those around them with the pungent stench that arises from burning cannabis bus in joints, pipes and bongs. For first-time users, smoking is not always a pleasant experience either.

Why Water-Soluble Cannabis Technology is Healthier

Cannabis edibles such as cannabutter, cannabis oil, candies, etc. are increasing in dining popularity, endorsed by trusted celebrities such as Martha Stewart. But overdosing on edibles is a risk. The effects of cannabis hits much later after consumption, sometimes even an hour or two later, encouraging inexperienced users to ingest more than recommended. This is potentially hazardous, especially in situations such as driving, once the effects set in.

As more and more discerning tasters enter the market, the odourless and flavourless water-soluble cannabis additive developed by Sproutly promises to find favour with many.

Sproutly’s INFUZ20 water-soluble cannabis technology is said to deliver the desired results within just five minutes of consumption and do not linger for too long.

Difference Between INFUZ20 and Other Water-Based THC Technologies

Water-Soluble: There are other companies that use “water-compatible” technology by suspending THC in oil but they are not water-soluble like Sproutly’s INFUZ20. This process does not alter the cannabinoid compounds. Traditional extraction methods use ethanol, butane and CO2 that alter the compounds and affect the strain’s potency.

Retains Potency, Lower in Calories: Suspending THC in oil makes it difficult to digest and decreases the potency so you need to consume more to feel the desired effects. Sproutly’s technology does not need enhancements like oils and sweeteners to transport the THC so it maintains its natural potency and is lighter. Great, natural taste and lesser calories are powerful selling points in the marketplace today.

Accurate Dosing: Water-soluble cannabinoids provide accurate measurement consistently. It is also non-toxic in its extraction process.

Healing Efficacy: The combined benefits aid health and efficacy of the product. Companies can extract the specific strain ratios just like one selects specific strains in smoking. There is no need to consuming excess sugar and artificial flavours that come with having sweet edibles such as brownies, cookies and candies.

Instant Effect: The effects kick in within five minutes and last for 90 minutes, quite like after-effects of a joint. But there is no burning smoke or pungent skunk-like smell that is typical of cannabis filtering into the body or bothering those around them.

For both medical and recreational users who use a specific strain for benefits, this is a revolutionary development that can offer a healthier alternative without inhaling marijuana. For the cannabis industry, the water-based cannabinoids can be mixed easily with other liquids and stay dissolved without using additional compounds so the product remains natural, not a chemically altered one. This is a game-changer with the potential to offer a new range of products that can bring in millions of dollars to the economy.


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